About Our School

Mission:  Marble Charter School teaches a growth mindset in a unique and nurturing environment while exceeding state standards. 

Marble Charter School is a public, tuition-free charter school serving K-8th grade students in the Crystal River Valley. Our bus service runs along County Road 3 and Highway 133 to Carbondale, serving the communities of Marble, Redstone, Carbondale and neighborhoods in between. We are located just below McClure Pass at 7,950 feet above sea level, in the wonderful town of Marble, Colorado surrounded by the Elk Mountains and the White River National Forest.


  • Extremely low student to staff ratio - no child "slips through the cracks" at MCS
  • Kids feel safe and nurtured - "We're like a family!"
  • Flexible scheduling to ensure each child has time to excel
  • Fluid grade levels:  students learn at their own level and can push beyond their grade-level work
  • In-depth Science & Social Studies curriculum when many schools have cut or decreased these programs
  • Integrated units of study:  each year we dive deeply into 2 - 3 significant ideas
  • Multi day Outdoor Education trips, field trips & educational excursions
  • Incredibly Imaginative Recess Games, Fort-Building, and Creative Play
  • Winter PE includes skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and ice-skating (weather & community rink permitting)
  • Our graduates are well-prepared for high school:  on average, 50% enter 10th-grade level classes as freshmen
  • Students learn Peer Mediation methods to solve problems
  • Our curriculum is hands-on, interactive, and project-based with an emphasis on growth mindset and character building
  • Our curriculum ensures students meet or exceed Colorado State standards
  • Parents receive weekly communication from the school Director
  • Multi-Age classrooms allow for peer mentoring and advanced learning
  • Teachers really know their students' skills & abilities due to low ratio, multiple years together
  • MCS Staff are all highly-qualified teachers, aides, and professionals - but even more importantly, they love the kids and they love their jobs!

Quotes from our graduates:

“Everybody was working together as a team  - like a well-oiled machine.”

“The whole school has become my family.”

“I will miss all of the love I get from everyone!”

“MCS has really prepared me for high school and to be independent, to be more of a leader and be myself.”

“I got to experience so many adventures outside the classroom with my good friends.”

“Challenges [at MCS] helped me become a smarter and better person.”

“This entire place is like another parent to me.” "I will be able to start 10th-grade math next fall because of what I have achieved."
“This school has opened thousands of windows for me in my future.”

“I feel as if the possibilities are endless, and that’s a good feeling to leave with!”